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We are proudly preparing for a second year of our Artistic Development Program: Creating Artists through Focused Training (CrAFT). CrAFT focuses on the balance between managing training, performance, and real life responsibilities towards finding a healthy and productive path to professional and personal success. Students who participate in this program will receive training geared to increase technique in acting, dance, and vocal performance, with the aim of creating a well-rounded artist. Additionally, students will receive one-on-one career guidance with one of GCPA's professional founding staff.


Admission to the CrAFT program is by application only. Not all applicants may be accepted. New applicants must complete an application form by July 1st, 2019. Students will be notified of acceptance by July 15th, 2019.

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This program is for pre-college students 12+.
There are limited spaces available. Students are selected through an application process.  Interested students must meet the following requirements:

  • Considering pursuing performing arts in some capacity past high school

  • Participated in a GCPA YTC production in the past 2 years or taken a GCPA class in the past 2 years


School Year

Students must enroll in both Fall and Spring semesters with the following requirements, as decided with your mentor. Students are required to keep a 75% attendance average and meet expected growth parameters. Approved absences must go through your mentor and will not count against your total.  Not meeting these requirements will be cause for removal from the program.

  • Acting component (Acting, Acting for Film)

  • Dance component (Ballet, Musical Theatre Dance)

  • Elective component (Any additional from the above, Tap, Hip Hop or Improv)

  • Voice component (Private*, Group)

*Length of  private voice lessons to be determined by GCPA approved vocal instructor.

Students in private voice are required to take a minimum of 16 lessons between September and April (bi-weekly).

Those taking from an outside teacher must turn in attendance slips signed by your instructor to prove attendance.


GCPA values the variety of experiences summer can provide and how those experiences help an artist grow. To balance that time with continued artistic development, requirements for the summer are limited to the following:

Students wishing to continue with the program the following year must complete one or more of the following at GCPA or other quality arts program:

  • Participate in at least one production on stage or on crew.*

  • Attend a summer performance program at least 1 week in length.

  • Take a minimum 1 hour of weekly technique class

*Participation in CrAFT does not guarantee a role in any YTC production.

Workshops and Walk-Ins

Students must attend a minimum of 3 workshops or walk-ins per year. These can be from CrAFT exclusive programs (no charge), Walk-Ins ($10) or other mentor-approved workshops.


CrAFT participants must meet the following performance requirements:

  • Perform in one Mentor approved musical or play during the school year.

  • Perform in Program Showcase (more info below)



Participants will be assigned a mentor. There will be 3 scheduled mentor meetings, and mentors will be available for additional guidance and conversation as needed.

Meeting Dates: August, December, April TBD

Exclusive Workshops

Students will have access to a minimum of 4 exclusive workshops, available only to CrAFT students. Workshops will be taught by GCPA Staff and industry professionals. Dates are TBD and will be announced as they are scheduled.  They will likely be on Friday evenings or Sunday afternoons. Cost is included in the overall cost of the program.

May Showcase

Students must perform in the main GCPA Spring Showcase, the culmination of the year of education programming. Dates are TBA May 2020.


Cost is based on the 2018-2019 class schedule and is subject to change.


 $100 due in August and again in January. Dues cover the cost of participation, mentors and workshops.  


Students will receive 5% off their class total. Payment can be made in full or on line with GCPA’s monthly payment plan (1st of Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March, April, May)

Students taking private voice through a GCPA instructor will receive $5 off per lesson, rolled into your monthly payment:

  • $40/45 minute lesson (regularly $45): 8 payments of $80 (no MAY payment)

  • $55/60 minute lesson (regularly $60): 8 payments of $110 (no MAY payment)

Base Cost

Over-all cost will depend on how many hours of class a student takes. For reference, here is the smallest package including private voice:

  • 3 hours of class per week: $119.70 per month (normally $123) x 8.5 payments =$1,017.45

  • 45 minute private voice: $80 x 8 payments = $640

  • TOTAL MONTHLY= $199.70 ($59.85 in May) TOTAL CLASSES IN FULL = $1657

  • DUES: $100 x 2 Payments = $200



Students receive 50% off GCPA Walk-In classes ($10, Regularly $20)