All students must now create an account to register for GCPA programming. There may be one account per family representing multiple students, which will allow families to take advantage of multiple-class pricing discounts (see pricing schedule below)! Accounts must be created before registration may be completed. Students wishing to enroll in Level 2 classes must create an account in order to be approved for Level 2 registration (see leveling information below). Email artistic@gcpastl.org with account questions and support. 



GCPA charges a nonrefundable registration fee of $20 per student per year, due upon registration. Families enrolling more than one student at a time are charged a nonrefundable family registration fee of $30 per year.


Sampler Classes run 7 weeks with a total cost of $110 per sampler. 

Semester Classes are billed per month on a sliding scale based on total class hours per week.* The more classes you take, the lower the cost per hour and the better the value! The first payment is due upon registration, and remaining monthly payments are due the 1st of each month. The fall semester has four monthly payments, October - December. The Spring Semester has five monthly payments, January - April at full price and May pro-rated at half price.

class price grid.jpg

For example, a student enrolled in a 1 hour Ballet class pays $50 per month. A student enrolled in a 1 hour Tap class and a 1.5 hour Musical Theatre class (for a total of 2.5 class hours per week) pays $110 per month. 

Total class hours per week includes families enrolling multiple students! A family with one student enrolled in a 1 hour Ballet class and a 1 hour Tap class AND another student enrolled in a 1.5 hour Acting class (for a total of 3.5 class hours per week) pays $140 per month. 

*Samplers are a one-time cost of $110 and not included in this pricing plan. Students enrolling in Samplers must still pay the registration fee.


Private Lessons are available for Dance, Voice, and Acting and are charged separately. CLICK HERE for more information on Private Lessons. 


Need-based financial assistance is available for classes and private lessons. Please email Stephanie, Artistic Director at artistic@gcpastl.org for a Financial Assistance Request Form.



GCPA classes are leveled in order to provide quality programming appropriate to age and ability. Our highly qualified teaching artists will advise students and help make placement decisions which will ensure maximum potential is reached. Leveling placement includes the following:

PREK - Ages 3-5 (must be potty trained)
MINIS - Ages 5-8 (Ideal for Grades K-2nd)
JUNIORS - Ages 8-12 (Ideal for Grades 3rd-6th)
SENIORS - Ages 12-18 (Ideal for Grades 7th-12th)
ADULTS - Ages 18+

LEVEL 1  - Beginner level, basic skills
LEVEL 2 - Novice level, accelerated pace, developing skills
               - Prerequisites: Two semesters of corresponding Level 1 class AND/OR instructor approval
*7 - 8 year olds may go directly to Minis Level 2 with no previous experience. 

Students on any age line may be considered “rising” to the next age level with instructor approval.

To register and receive approval for a Level 2* class, you must first create a GCPA account. Once you have created an account, email your desired classes for approval to Stephanie at artistic@gcpastl.org. You will receive notification once approved and your account will be cleared for registration. 

If you have questions about leveling or would like a recommendation for a student, contact Stephanie, Artistic Director at artistic@gcpastl.org.

final demonstrations.jpg




At the end of each session / semester, students will present a Final Class Demonstration to show the skills and repertoire they have learned throughout their course. This is not intended to be a polished production-level performance, but rather an opportunity to show what has been learned and to grow from the opportunity to perform for an audience. Family and friends are invited to attend all Finale Class Demonstrations. Demonstrations take place at our Webster location and/or KTK Productions in south St. Louis.A more detailed schedule of these demonstrations will be communicated during the semester.

dress code heading.jpg



Each class differs in its dress code requirements, but all are designed to give performers ease of movement and physical expression. Please let us know if you have questions, needs, or concerns regarding these requirements. 


- Comfortable clothes which allow for movement
- Closed-toe shoes


- Comfortable clothes which allow for movement
- Closed-toe shoes, preferably a jazz or dance shoe
- Hair pulled away from face

MUSICAL THEATRE Dance, jazz & hip hop

- Jazz or Athletic pants reaching past the knee (no shorts)
- Fitted top
- Split sole jazz shoes
- Hair pulled away from face


- Leotard of any color
- Tights or stretch pants fitted around the knee and ankle
- Skirt optional
- Ballet shoes
- Hair pulled away from face


- Activewear that allows for movement
- Lace-up tap shoes
- Hair pulled away from face


- Activewear that allows for movement
- Yoga mat






All transfer and withdrawal requests require a CLASS CHANGE REQUEST FORM available in the GCPA office or by emailing artistic@gcpastl.org

Transfers must be instructor approved. Students may transfer during the first 3 weeks of the current session.

Withdrawals 2 weeks or more prior to the current session are permitted for a full refund (less $20 registration fee).

Withdrawals less than two weeks prior to the current session are permitted with a $25 withdrawal fee and less $20 registration fee. 

Withdrawals after the start of class are non-refundable through the current month of payment. Students making monthly payments must submit a CLASS CHANGE REQUEST FORM 10 days prior to next payment due date or be charged for the following month.


GCPA may cancel a class due to low enrollment. Classes will be cancelled up to 7 days prior to the first class. Enrolled students will be offered the opportunity to transfer to an appropriate class or receive a full refund for the class tuition.  Registration fee is only refundable if the cancelled class is the only class/production the student is registered for within the previous 12 months.


Students are encouraged to prioritize attendance to class. Class work is comprehensive, and teaching time is dedicated both to individualized instruction and to company/ensemble work. Students with excessive absences (3+ per semester) may be asked to step out of part or all of final demonstrations.


GCPA offers the opportunity to make up missed classes in another class at the appropriate age and level for the student. Students must fill out a make-up form, available at the front desk or by emailing artistic@gcpastl.org.


GCPA follows the Webster School District for delays and cancellations of daytime programming due to inclement weather. Cancellations of evening programming will be announced no later than one hour prior to the start of class. Cancellations will be announced first via social media and then via email. 

GCPA will not schedule additional make up for cancellations due to inclement weather. Students may choose to make up a class missed due to inclement weather via the make up class policy above.