6 Signs Your Kid Needs Musical Theatre

Sometimes it's obvious.  When every other word out of their mouth is Broadway(!!!!), or they are begging you for a new pair of tap shoes, you know they've caught the theatre bug.  But for those with a more subtle case, here are 6 ways to tell if musical theatre is just what the doctor ordered.


1.  You know every word to Let It Go, not because you've seen it a million times, but because your child has sung it a million times.  With their own choreography.

2.  You often catch your child making a wide variety of faces or perfecting a "look" in the mirror.

3.  Every. single. thing. they do is narrated (or sung).  "I am walking through the kitchen.  I am putting my bowl in the sink...."  

4.  You're considering selling tickets to the nightly concert in your home.  You know, when they are singing in the shower and think nobody can hear.

5.  Playtime often becomes an elaborate production involving intricate story lines and unique character traits for each stuffed animal and toy.

6.  Is your house made of rubber?  No, no.  That's just your kid, always moving around, dancing, or just bouncing off the walls.

Any of these sound familiar?  Well you're in luck!  Musical theatre gives your child the creative outlet they crave.  Gateway Center for Performing Arts offers musical theatre classes and camps for kids grades K-12th.  Let our expert teachers take your child on a journey filled with imagination and education.
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