Rehearsal Notes - 4/2/14

Music Notes:

  • Remember the "Getcha head in the game - Get my head in the game" echoes.
  • For Justin's verses the echoes are "Get our heads in the game," for Troy's verses the echoes are "Getcha head in the game."
  • Remember the verse: "Make the slam dunk, get the inside, outside."

Blocking Notes:

  • Music is cued from Coach's line: "...And let me see some hustle!"

Production Notes:

  • Please remember to not bounce your balls while any of the directors of the stage managers are talking to you AND be on time returning from breaks.
  • If something goes wrong, keep calm and carry on--Clearly we want to be perfect, but don't worry if you mess up.

Click here for the choreography for Get 'Cha Head in the Game


- Maggie