volunteer needs

Load-In: Wednesday, July 29, 3pm-5pm

  • 2-3 Trucks or SUVs needed
  • Move all set pieces, props, and costumes from GCPA's Tower Grove location to the Delta Gamma Center

Set Build: Thursday, July 30, 8am-10am

  • Some power tools needed
  • Assemble stage, hang backdrop, set up chairs

Strike: Monday, August 3, 9am-11am

  • 2-3 Trucks or SUVs needed
  • Disassemble stage, move all remaining set and props to Tower Grove

Ushers: Friday, July 31, 2:15pm and 5:15pm

  • Greet audience as they arrive, direct them to the theatre
  • Hand out programs
  • Help with general housekeeping of the space

Backstage Parents: Friday, July 31, 2:00pm and 5:00pm

  • Help actors get ready
  • Manage backstage during the show, helping actors with costumes, props, entrances, scene changes, etc.
  • Help clean up and organize dressing room and backstage 

Pizza Parents: Friday, July 31, 4:00pm

  • Pick up pizza and deliver to Delta Gamma Center in between performance
  • Help with dinner, clean up, transition to next performance
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