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Summer Camps 2017 are here! Registration is now open - secure your spots today!

Check out the calendar below and click on the thumbnails to see details for camps available to different age groups. And don't miss our Production Camp for Grades K-4th and our Summer Production Season for Grades 5th-12th! More information below!

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                                      PRODUCTION CAMP                                            GRADES K-4TH                             June 5th - 16th   & July 10th - 21st

                                      PRODUCTION CAMP
                                           GRADES K-4TH

                            June 5th - 16th   & July 10th - 21st

From auditions to curtain, young performers will experience the entire process of putting on a fully staged show. Hone your singing, dancing, and acting skills, learn about staging, sound, lights, set and costumes, and put it all together in a full-scale production of the timeless classic Annie KIDS!


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Check out our Youth Theatre Company's Summer Season!

                                    GRADES 5TH-8TH                                      JULY 28TH-29TH

                                    GRADES 5TH-8TH

Grease meets The Walking Dead in this adorable Off-Broadway tale of love from beyond the grave. Senior sweetheart Toffee is pressured to break up with her rebel boyfriend Jonny, who reacts by charging off on his motorcycle and flinging himself into a toxic waste tower. A guilt-ridden Toffee is then surprised when Jonny returns from the dead, although a little worse for the nuclear wear, determined to prove himself by graduating and more importantly - taking Toffee to senior prom. Groove along to this 1950's hits score featuring songs like Rules, Regulations, and Respect with the Stalin-style principal Miss Strict, That's The Beat For Me with the slick show host Eddie Flagrante, and the classic romance of The Voice In The Ocean. You'll be on the edge of your seat to discover the answer to the ultimate question of life and death: Will Toffee take Jonny back and go with him to senior prom? Rated G.


                                   GRADES 8TH - 12TH                                    AUGUST 11TH-13TH

                                   GRADES 8TH - 12TH
                                   AUGUST 11TH-13TH

True to our mission to strengthen, enrich, and shape the communities of St. Louis, through this production GCPA is tackling one of the toughest topics our young people face, often on a daily basis: bullying. We hope our work on this powerful piece will encourage many needed conversations and inspire positive change. Carrie White is an outcast, at school viciously bullied by the popular crowd and at home manipulated by a loving but cruelly over-protective mother. When she discovers she has growing telekinetic powers, the tension rises between her oppressors and the few sympathetic advocates she finds in her gym teacher Miss Gardener and classmate Sue Snell. Sue convinces her boyfriend Tommy Ross to give Carrie one special night by taking her to the senior prom, but vengeful ringleader Chris Hargensen has other plans to make the night "special," climaxing in the ultimate display of Carrie's pain and power. Based on Stephen King's bestselling novel, Carrie The Musical features a driving rock ballad score including moving numbers like In, Dreamer In Disguise, and the chilling Destruction. Join us as we dig into the darker parts of ourselves and ask the hard question, "What does it cost to be kind?" Rated PG-13 for adult language, adult situations, and violence.